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I always loved the name Stella. When Randy and I were just dating – I often referred to any future baby as Stella. He wasn’t on board in the beginning, but after several years of hearing it, he came to love it, too. We got married in August and hopped on the baby train right away. We ended up being very fortunate and got pregnant only 2 months later.

I have no chill, and although finding out the gender at birth pretty much sounds like the best surprise ever – I needed to know as soon as possible. We had a 4D ultrasound done (which was my birthday present) and found out it was a girl on New Years Eve.

My pregnancy was pretty awful, I was sick 24/7. Work allowed me to take many sick days and also work from home (literally from my couch with the computer on the coffee table). Although I was sick, I thankfully had a very healthy pregnancy. At 28-ish weeks, my doctor was concerned that she hadn’t turned yet, so I did every trick under the sun to get her head down. Unfortunately, she stayed stubborn and comfy in the breech position.

We had an appointment at 39 weeks to try an external version at the hospital. I was prepped with an epidural and a delivery room because Stella was either going to turn and I be induced, or she wouldn’t turn and I would go for a routine, scheduled c-section. Driving to the hospital was surreal. We knew we were having a baby in the very near future, but no idea how.

The external version began at 9:30am with my doctor on one side and a resident on the other. They worked Stella around but she kept getting stuck. All of a sudden, my doctors face panicked and the monitor started going crazy. She looked at me in her sweetest voice and explained that things were about to get intense and the room was going to fill up with people, then she pushed a button and called out a code white. I looked over at Randy and his face was red with tears. Things were not okay. Apparently baby girl’s heartbeat reached a level that normally triggers resuscitation.

In the movies, you see stretchers being ran down the hallway. I felt like I was in one of those scenes. I had no idea where they took Randy, but I was wheeled into an operating room with what felt like 150 people waiting for me. Randy made it to my side in his scrubs and within seconds Stella was born. At 9:49am a healthy, blond, chubby little baby made her dramatic appearance into our world.

Although her birth was nothing less than traumatic, it was the most magical day of our life. My parents and Chloe had just gotten to the waiting room, and when Randy came out to ask if they wanted to see ‘her’, they all thought he was referring to me.. because who has a baby in 19 minutes? Seeing Chloe become a big sister was one of my favorites parts of the day, along with Randy becoming a daddy. Stella is the perfect addition to our family, and we can’t wait to watch her grow.

Stella’s newborn photos by my talented friend Emily Lucarz.

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